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The Law Firm of Fiumara and Milligan Law, PC are advocates for justice, with expertise ranging from the Courthouses of Marin, Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino and counties throughout the North Bay, to the California State House in Sacramento. These advocates are (left to right) Partner Justin O. Milligan, Former State Legislator Noreen Evans, Associate Joseph M. Hoppe, Family Law Specialist Jackie L. Martens, and Founding Partner Michael A. Fiumara.

Since 1992, Fiumara and Milligan Law have been offering clients throughout Sonoma County, Marin County, & The Entire North Bay the highly skilled and experienced legal representation they need to overcome the challenges they are confronting. Every single day, our attorneys and knowledgeable legal team fight for the people of Northern California.


When people are facing criminal charges, it can be difficult to make the right choices for your future. Fiumara and Milligan Law are here to help you. Most people do not understand the process they will be going through. The most important decision that you need to get right is choosing an attorney who has the skill and experience needed to help you, along with the commitment to your case necessary to secure the best possible resolution.


Being charged with DUI is a frightening experience. For most people, a DUI is their most serious brush with the law ever. This causes many people to simply treat these charges like traffic tickets – just pay the fine and forget it happened. But, DUI is a much more serious charge and it can have lasting consequences if you do not take action to defend yourself.


Regardless of the seriousness of the offenses you are charged with, or whether or not you have a good record, nobody wants to go to jail. Everyone would prefer to serve their sentence sleeping in their own bed and working at their regular job. We have advocated on behalf of thousands of clients who were facing potential jail time.

Even in situations where prosecutors or judges are opposed to creative alternatives to jail time, there are still methods to obtain consideration and approval. Our track record of excellent results speaks for itself when it comes to achieving an alternative sentence for our clients.


Shattered trust is not easily restored. Our attorneys have helped countless courageous and amazing survivors of sexual abuse and rape take back their lives and begin their healing.

A civil lawsuit is only a part of the total journey. We also know that picking up the phone to call us is one of the hardest things you will ever do, but we will be there for you when you do.


I appreciate all your office has done for me in helping me to regain all the losses, and emotional turmoil my family and I have gone through.

– Kathy

Dear Michael, I just wanted to write you this note to let you know how much I appreciate all that you have done for me. If it wasn’t for you I’d probably be in Prison. This program has done so much for me. Next week I’ll have 9 months clean and sober. My life has completely changed, and if it wasn’t for your help it wouldn’t be like this. Thank you so much.

– Lori

I like to say thank you very much to you and your staff for all the great work you did for us in regard to the (confidential) letter. We for the first time have peace in the neighborhood… I will gladly use your services again. With great appreciation.

– Mary

Thanks for being you. What you have done for me means so much. I will never forget your kindness and professionalism. P.S. Have lunch on me.

– Liz

You are not only a lifesaver, but a very kind and generous man. Harold and I are very thankful for your thoughtfulness and your help. God Bless you.

– Harold and Reena

Thank you again for your efforts in settling my case. This has made an incredible difference in my life. Thanks again and take care.

– Kendra

Thank you for everything you have done to help me throughout what was potentially one of the worst times in my life. I learned my lesson and it will never ever happen again!

– Jeffrey (Criminal Defense Client)

Still walking on clouds, you are the best! How can I thank you enough! You have been an exceptional lawyer but most of all a real beautiful human being. Thank you for giving me my self-esteem back.

– Denise (Criminal Defense Client)

You have been so very generous with your time and effort. Enclosed is a small check and I will send monthly installments as I am able.

– Virginia L.

We were thankful to have had you as our attorney. Thank you for caring – thank you also for keeping us well-informed of the progress of our case.

– Raule and Rene

Dear Michael, Just a quick note to thank you for today. You are so great and gifted at what you do. You really put D. at ease – not to mention me. We appreciate everything you are doing and regardless of the final outcome, I will consider you a friend and one helluva attorney!

– ML


SERIOUS RECKLESS DRIVING (VC 23103(a) misdemeanor)—upon successful completion of Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving Course and Alive at 25 programs client’s PLEA WAS WITHDRAWN AND CASE DISMISSED—NO CRIMINAL RECORD.


Client was charged with a DUI (Vehicle Code section 23152) after blowing a .10 two time on the breath test. Resolved for a wet reckless (Vehicle Code section 23103.5), resulting in less probation, half the fine, and a reduced driver’s license suspension, among other things.

FELONY EXTORTION (PC 520) and Misdemeanor Tampering with a vehicle (VC 10952). Felony charge DISMISSED. Only a pre-trial diversion on the misdemeanor. A successful completion of DIVERSION results in a complete dismissal and EXPUNGEMENT of case.

57 FELONY COUNTS OF FORGERY ( PC 470(a)) – After a two week JURY TRIAL our client was ACQUITTED by a JURY of his peers.

VANDALISM OVER $400 DAMAGE/DEFACING PROPERTY (PC 594(a)) – Resolved through Pre-Filing CAD Diversion, CASE DISCHARGED (prevents case from being filed)—no arrest or criminal record!

FELONY RECKLESS EVADING LAW ENFORCEMENT (VC 2800.2)– 7-year prison sentence negotiated down to only 6 months county jail and TASC -(In Jail Rehab)


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