A Great Pandemic Result—Turning COVID-19 into a WIN

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A Great Pandemic Result– 9/21/2020—Turning COVID-19 into a WIN

Client name:   Henry Reyes XXXX

Spanish Speaker—All law firm staff are bilingual

Case heard:  Department 6, Commissioner Troye Shaffer.  The deputy District attorney was Ester Lemus.

Case Closed: September 21, 2020

Type of charge: Misdemeanor 12500 Vehicle Code—driving while unlicensed

Maximum exposure:  6 months county jail, $1,200 fine.

The court had previously ordered client to have successfully completed his driving course and pass his written examination.

Unfortunately, client was not able to pass the driving test or the written examination. We had client present to the court DMV documents which proved that he had previously tried to pass the driving test and examination a couple of times.

Due to COVID-19 the courts have a shortage of interpreters. Client and attorney had to wait quite some time before a court interpreter was able to appear in Dept 6.

Due to COVID-19 court scheduling and protocols were delayed for some time.  Part of this was attributed to client’s good faith efforts and diligence to pass the written portion of the DMV Examination.

Client was well prepared by the attorney to come to court every time with supporting documentation to show proof to the judge and prosecutor proving his diligent and attempts to pass the written DMV Exam.

After strenuously negotiation attorney was able to get the misdemeanor criminal case completely dismissed.

Result:  Client’s case was settled for only an infraction not a misdemeanor under VC 12500 and his fines were reduced from $1200 to $402 with a payment plan due to COVID-19a very happy client.


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