Child Pornography

Child Pornography Charges in Santa Rosa

While the Internet has revolutionized information access and opened communication across a remarkable network that links individuals around the world, it has also opened the door to a darker side of cyberspace that can entangle perfectly innocent individuals.

If a law enforcement agency is accusing you of possession or distributing child pornography, you should enlist the defense of Michael A. Fiumara as soon as possible. You can count on our dedicated and top-rated legal team to provide you with highly skilled and competent legal representation in your time of need.

It is unlawful to create, record, photograph, film, develop, reproduce, or publish any material showing a minor participating or engaging in any type of sexual activity.

It is a criminal offense to advertise for sale, selling, transporting, exhibiting, displaying, soliciting, purchasing, possessing, and controlling any material showing a minor engaging in any type of sexual activity.

Pandering sexually oriented material involving a minor is a felony of the second degree; however, knowingly receiving, purchasing, or possessing child pornography is a felony of the fourth degree.

California State Law states that No person shall photograph, create, direct, product, or transfer any material that shows a child in the state of nudity. It is unlawful to possess, view, sell, disseminate, display, control, or bring into the state any material depicting a child nude.

A violation of this section can be prosecuted as a felony of the second, fourth, or fifth degree depending on the circumstances of the case.

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Child pornography is created worldwide and is readily available to anyone on the Internet, whether or not they seek it. Anyone can accidentally receive child pornography, and can in effect become a target of state and federal law enforcement agencies.

If you are facing child pornography charges, we urge you to contact our firm at once. We have the dedication, determination, and creativity it takes to fight your criminal charges. No case is too big or too small for our firm and we welcome the opportunity to provide you with the exemplary legal defense your situation demands.

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