California Penal Code Section 118 PC Perjury

What are the factors or elements of a118 PC Perjury charge? 

Under California law, “perjury” means deliberately giving false information while under oath.

You are likely to face perjury charges if you intentionally give false information in any of the following ways:

  • In a Driver’s License application. DMV employs their own investigators who can be very intimidating- Ask for attorney to be present before you answer any of their questions regarding fraud or perjury.
  • In a signed declaration or affidavit.
  • In a signed affidavit.
  • When being deposed.

Legal Consequences:

Perjury is a felony in California. If convicted, the person could be sentenced to up to 4 years in the California State Prison. However, the judge often has the discretion to offer minimal or no jail time and or probation.

Because this is a crime of moral turpitude a conviction for perjury can have serious immigration consequences.

How can we defend you against charges of California Penal Code 118 PC Perjury?

  • Proving our client’s statement was not knowingly false, rather it was mistakenly so.
  • Proving our client misunderstood the question.
  • Proving that our client was not legally under oath.
  • Proving the false statement concerned a minor issue; not a significant one. 

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