California Vehicle Code 20002(a) Misdemeanor Hit &Run

What are the factors or elements for 20002(a) VC Misdemeanor Hit & Run?

In California, there are two types of hit and run offenses: misdemeanor and felony.

You may be charged with California misdemeanor hit and run under Vehicle Code 20002 VC if you:

  1. Leave the scene of an accident,
  2. Without first identifying yourself to the other party or parties involved, and
  3. Another’s propertywas damaged in the accident.

The difference between California misdemeanor hit and run and California felony hit and run lies in number three above.  While misdemeanor hit and run is concerned with property damage, felony hit and run is concerned with injury.  You can be charged with felony hit and run if someone (other than yourself) was injured or killed.2

These California hit and run laws apply to every car accident, regardless of:

  • Who was at fault,
  • The amount of damage inflicted, or
  • The seriousness of the injury/injuries.
    • As a result, these laws, particularly misdemeanor hit and run, ensnare a lot of people who have no history with the criminal justice system…and no idea that they were doing anything that could be considered a crime!

Legal Consequences:

Misdemeanor hit and run carries surprisingly steep penalties given the nature of the offense. If you are convicted, you may face a fine of up to one thousand dollars ($1,000)….or even a sentence of up to six (6) months in county jail!


How can we defend you against charges of California Vehicle Code 20002(a) Misdemeanor Hit & Run?

Given these penalties, it is well worth your while to fight these charges. A highly skilled and experienced attorney from the Law Offices of Michael A. Fiumara can help you assert certain legal defenses that could lead to an acquittal on misdemeanor hit and run charges. These include:

  1. Only your own car was damaged,
  2. You didn’t realize that you had been involved in an accident, or that someone else’s property was damaged, and
  3. It was actually someone else – not you – who was involved in the accident. 

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