California Penal Code 242 PC Battery

What are the factors or elements of 242 PC Battery?

Under California Law, a battery a prosecutor has to prove the following elements:

  • You willfully and unlawfully touched another person, and
  • While doing so you were not acting in self-defense, defense of others, or reasonably disciplining your child.

Legal Consequences:

California Penal Code 242 violationor simple battery is a misdemeanor in California law. Usually, the penalties for California battery include a fine of up to two thousand dollars ($2,000) and/or up to six (6) months in county jail.

But if you commit a battery against a police officer, firefighter, EMT, or certain other kinds of public servants, and that person suffers an injury, then you may be charged with the more serious crime of battery on a peace/police officer. This offense is a wobbler in California law, which means it may be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony.

How can we defend you against charges of California Penal Code 242 PC Battery?

Many people are shocked when they are charged with California battery charges after a minor altercation where no one was seriously injured, or even hurt.

A California criminal defense attorney can help. There are several powerful legal defenses you can use to fight these charges. These include:

  • You acted inself-defense or defense of someone else;
  • You did not act willfully; and
  • You were acting within your rights to reasonably discipline your child (in cases where you are charged with battery on your child).

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