California Penal Code 597 PC Animal Abuse

What are the factors or elements for 597 PC Animal Abuse?

Under 597 PC, you are prohibited from:

Maliciously, intentionally, or cruelly

    • Maiming (that is, disabling or disfiguring),
    • Mutilating,
    • Torturing (that is, inflicting unnecessary and/or unjustifiable pain or suffering), or
    • Wounding a living animal,

Maliciously, intentionally, or cruelly killing an animal,

Depriving an animal of necessary food, drink, or shelter (or failing to protect an animal from severe weather conditions), and/or

Riding, driving, overworking, or otherwise using the animal when it is unfit for labor.

And because law enforcement agencies aren’t typically present to witness these types of violations, they encourage the public to report these crimes.  Many animal rights’ organizations, law enforcement agencies, and prosecution offices have on-line reporting pages and/or telephone hotlines that are available to the public.

*Licensed veterinarians are also under obligation to report suspected incidents of animal abuse / neglect.*

How can we defend you against charges of 597 PC Animal Abuse?

Legal defenses include:

Self defense /defending another person, you needed to stop the animal from attacking you or another person.

False accusation – you did not commit the reported instance of animal abuse.

Lack of intent – you did not maliciously or intentionally harm the animal. 

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