Petty Theft Cases in Santa Rosa

Defending Against Petty Theft Charges

The basic definition of theft is the taking of someone else’s property in an unlawful manner.  California statutes provide for four ways that theft can occur:

Larceny – stealing and carrying away someone’s property without consent

Through an act of trickery – for instance, tampering with a price tag

Embezzlement – taking of another’s property that was entrusted to your care

False pretense – Using false representation to obtain possession of another’s property

If you or a loved one has been accused of petty theft, you need to immediately obtain the assistance of a Santa Rosa theft crimes attorney for valuable legal representation.

Petty theft is defined as theft of property valued at $400 or less.  The most common offense that can lead to this sort of criminal charge is shoplifting.  It is charged as a misdemeanor and a conviction can lead to fines, probation and up to 6 months in jail.

If you commit repeat petty theft offenses, a prosecutor may pursue felony charges depending on your criminal record and the length of time between incidents.  Many times there exists damning evidence of petty theft crimes, such as video surveillance records and observances by loss prevention staff.  A prosecutor does not need to prove any sort of intent, only that the crime was committed.

Santa Rosa Petty Theft Defense Attorney

A skilled attorneys from Fiumara & Milligan Law, PC can provide crucial defense work in your case.  We understand that people make mistakes and firmly believe that all accused parties deserve a strong representation of their legal rights and best interests.  Our team is committed to hard work and outstanding care in your case, and we will work tenaciously towards keeping your criminal record clean and all future opportunities open to you.

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