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Have you been arrested for a crime in Santa Rosa or anywhere throughout The North Bay? Very early on, Michael A. Fiumara and his team became recognized as one of the most effective criminal trial firms in Northern California. We approach each case with diligence and give our cases 110% of our energy and dedication.

We provide more support and security than smaller law firms, while still maintaining the personal aspect that larger firms often cannot provide, perfectly filling the niche in between the two. Anyone in need of an exceptional North Bay Criminal Defense Attorney could benefit from retaining our firm.

Types of Criminal Cases We Defend


There are numerous levels of assault charges possible under California state law, including but not limited to assault, negligent assault, aggravated assault, felonious assault, and vehicular assault. The penalties for these charges can include fines, jail or prison, and the potential of leading to a criminal record that will follow you for life. The quality of your defense lawyer can be a pivotal factor in the outcome of your case.

Child Pornography

Child pornography offenses involve materials depicting minors engaging in sexual activity, or images involving child nudity. While there are various offenses associated with child pornography, they are all prosecuted as felonies in California.

Computer Crimes

Computer crimes involve crimes which use computers to perpetrate other crimes, or they involve crimes where the computer was the target. There are many different types of crimes, and depending on the nature of the offense, they can be prosecuted under state or federal statutes.

Domestic Violence

Causing injury to a family member or domestic partner, either intentionally or through a reckless or negligent act, or putting a member of your household into fear of immediate harm, are domestic violence crimes. Depending on the circumstances, these offenses range in severity from low level misdemeanors to higher felony offenses. Domestic violence charges could be filed against any person who shares a residence, and is not limited to those who are married, related or in a relationship.

Drug Crimes

From charges of marijuana possession to manufacturing and trafficking of cocaine, methamphetamines, or heroin, our firm has the criminal trial experience you want on your side. Drug crime convictions carry extremely heavy penalties, based upon the type of the controlled substance involved, and the amount that is claimed to have been in your possession. There can be further unforeseen consequences in a conviction, including the loss the legal right to drive, loss of property, the forfeiture of assets, and the inability to hold professional licenses.

DUI Defense

Driving under the influence (DUI), or operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI), are serious traffic offenses that carry heavy penalties, even in a first offense. Hundreds of people are killed by intoxicated drivers in California each year, and lawmakers have responded by imposing extremely heavy penalties for first time offenders, with increasing penalties for repeat offenders, including felony charges in some cases.

Internet Crimes

Identify theft, credit card fraud, and other similar internet crimes are a growing concern for state and federal lawmakers. The penalties are often very severe in internet crimes. An attorney from our firm can thoroughly investigate your case to identify the best strategy for your defense.

Juvenile Crimes

Minors are processed, tried, and penalized differently than adults in most cases, and the juvenile court system is geared towards rehabilitation rather than punishment. More serious crimes could be moved to adult court – a dangerous situation. Young people can make mistakes, be involved with the wrong people, or just be present when a crime has been committed by another person. We protect the rights of juveniles that are facing criminal charges, and work hard to help them to avoid the consequences of a conviction. Protect yourself or your child and retain a lawyer who understands the very different juvenile court process and who will give 110% to your defense, no matter what charges have been filed.

Murder & Homicide

To most, a charge of murder is one of the most serious offenses that a person could face. A conviction for murder or homicide can mean many years, decades or life in prison, based upon the level of the charge. Some defendants charged with murder or homicide may face the death penalty if convicted. A case that appears open-and-shut, for example, may have very serious holes and flaws that could be successfully exploited. You must take advantage of our ability to evaluate evidence and to craft a defense strategy to present to a jury.

Post-Conviction Relief

There are numerous innocent people serving time in prisons throughout the country, or who were sentenced unfairly. You have the right to file an appeal and to seek post-conviction relief under certain circumstances. Many law firms do not get involved in criminal appeals due to the complexity of the process. The notice of appeal must be filed immediately after a conviction, and once sentenced, there are only 30 days in which to file.

Probation Violations

Have you been accused of violating the terms of your probation? You could be required to serve the remainder of your original sentence with added time for the probation violation. You can be picked up any time, any place, and taken into custody if it is believed that you violated your probation. It is imperative that you have an attorney that will act fast and knows what to do to help you fight to avoid incarceration.

Sex Crimes

There can be a natural bias against those who are accused of committing a sex crime, and the concept of “innocent until proven guilty” can appear to have gone out the window. In fact, under law, you are innocent until proven guilty, and the burden of proving your guilt rests with the prosecutor. As the penalties for sex offenses are so severe, there are great risks, even if you are completely innocent. You need a highly professional and experienced sex crime defense lawyer working for you immediately if arrested and charged, or under investigation. An individual convicted of a sex crime may have to register as a sex offender, and could be restricted in where he or she could live or work.

Traffic Violations

If you are convicted of a traffic violation, based upon the violation, there can be criminal penalties as well an impact upon your future ability to operate any vehicle. Many criminal traffic offenses have penalties that include time in jail, as well as points and a suspended driver’s license. Our firm can defend you against any such traffic violations or penalties.

Violent Crimes

From robbery to sexual assault, our attorneys have established a reputation for excellent defense work. Violent crimes are often felony offenses, and the consequences of a conviction are extensive. Whether you are innocent or there were other circumstances behind the situation, we are interested in hearing your side of the story.

Weapon Crimes

From carrying a concealed weapon to illegally selling or transporting firearms, the penalties for weapon-related crimes are extremely severe. If you are facing charges in another offense and it is alleged that you carried a gun, even if the weapon was never used, the penalties are increased. If you are facing charges in a crime involving a gun or other weapon, you need to act fast and contact our firm if you are hoping to avoid very serious consequences.

White Collar Crimes

Also known as economic or financial crimes, white collar crimes are nonviolent, and are related to financial gain through fraud, embezzlement, insurance fraud, credit card fraud and other similar offenses. The evidence in these cases can heavily rely upon computer evidence, and if so, you want a Santa Rosa criminal lawyer on your side that has extensive knowledge in computer-based evidence, as you will find at our firm. We can help you defend against white collar crimes filed in either state or federal court.

Federal Crimes

Federal crimes include actions that are declared illegal under federal law. The FBI, DEA, Secret Service and other Federal law enforcement agencies are responsible for investigating individuals and gathering evidence for federal prosecution. The prosecutors can then use their experience and knowledge of federal crimes to seek the harshest penalties possible, and in many cases these penalties can be considerably higher than what would be faced at the state level. Whether you have been accused of fraud, a violent crime, insider trading, or another type of federal crime, retaining strong defense is critical.

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