Arson is considered a very serious felony crime in California, and can result in life-altering legal consequences, such as a permanent criminal record, jail time, and harsh monetary fines.

There are many types of arson-related crimes, which can include everything from setting fire to one’s own property with fraudulent intent, to maliciously setting fire to another’s home or commercial property. As such, if you are facing arson charges, or were arrested or are under investigation for this offense, it is crucial to work with an attorney who is qualified to handle these complex types of cases. Having a qualified lawyer who knows the ins and outs of arson cases can possibly make the difference between jail time and your freedom.

If you are facing arson charges, keep in mind that anything you say and do can be used against you in a court of law. That is why it is important for you to assert your right to remain silent and to have a lawyer present before questioning by investigators can resume. Also, arson crimes committed in California are often investigated by elite and special units within many law enforcement divisions located throughout the State. This places a prosecuting attorney at a distinctive advance when bringing forth felony arson charges against an accused offender. With ample resources to build a strong case against you, it is essential that you take action now and fight back with a qualified arson defense lawyer by your side.

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In California, there are a number of different arson-related crimes and associated punishments governed by the California Penal Code. These are as follows:

Penal Code Section 451(a) – arson resulting in serious bodily injury. This crime is punishable as a felony in California, with the potential for a prison sentence of up to 9 years or less. To be convicted under this section, the prosecutor must prove that you acted maliciously or willfully (with intention or purpose) in setting fire and burning a structure (i.e., a building, bridge, commercial property, residence, tent, etc.), and that bodily injury occurred as a result. Keep in mind that a mental state of “malicious” may include the intent to defraud, annoy or injure another individual.

Penal Code Section 451(b) – arson of a structure that is inhabited. This is also a felony crime that is punishable by imprisonment for up to 8 years or less. Pursuant to this section, the prosecutor must prove that you acted with malice or willfulness in setting fire to and burning a structure that is inhabited. As noted above, a structure can be anything from a building to a tent.

Penal Code Section 451(c) – arson of either an uninhabited structure or forest (i.e., brush-covered land, grasslands, woods, or cut over land). Like section 451(a) and 451(b), this crime is also punishable by a lengthy prison sentence, punishable up to 6 years or less. To succeed under 451(c), the prosecutor must prove that you acted willfully or maliciously in setting fire to and burning an uninhabited structure or forest.

Penal Code Section 451(d) – Arson of your own property or someone else’s property (meaning personal property or land, but not including forestland). This crime in punishable by imprisonment of 3 years or less. The prosecution must prove that you acted with malice or willfulness in setting fire and burning a property that either you or someone else owns.

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