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We work hard to prevent your charges from negatively impacting your driving privileges, licenses and your career future while at the same time, eliminating the possibility of serving jail time when there are so many jail alternatives now available.

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California DUI Penalties

It does not matter if this your first arrest for DUI or if you have a prior record, the penalties, fines and jail time can be quite severe. Penalties for repeat offenders are much more severe for cases involving, traffic accidents, high BAC and especially if there is a fatality.

Reasons to hire us–Dire DUI Consequences may include the following:

✔️ Substantial jail time

✔️ Work Release

✔️ Probation

✔️ Points on your driver’s license record

✔️ Community Service

✔️ Alcohol monitoring bracelet or device

✔️ Stiff fines, fees and penalties

✔️ Suspension/ revocation of driving privileges

✔️ Installation of an ignition interlock device

✔️ A dramatic increase in your insurance rates

✔️ A loss of a professional license

Cutting-Edge Strategies—When is it permissible for an Officer stop you for a DUI?

We will fight to exclude all evidence by immediately filing a 1038.5 motion to exclude all the prosecution’s evidence if your stop was illegal.

There are many factors and circumstances that will render your DUI stop unlawful that our attorneys will examine from the body worn camera and by studying the police reports and carefully interviewing all witnesses for the evidentiary hearing. 

When is your DUI Stop unlawful?

The Police officer MUST have “probable cause” or a reasonable suspicion to believe that you have violated a DMV regulation or law or that by stopping you will deter you from committing a crime or help prevent one from occurring. 

Probable Cause in DUI Cases

We have a strong tradition in this country that we are free to travel wherever we please as long as we are not violating any laws in the process.

Therefore, the police are prohibited by Constitutional safeguards in place not to stop people “at random,” or if they only have a mere “hunch” of any wrongdoing!  The required standard for a legal stop is the police MUST have “probable cause.’

If your DUI involved a Sobriety, Checkpoint different rules may apply to your case

Our DUI attorneys are knowledgeable about the requirements of sobriety checkpoints’ postings, announcements ahead of time by local police departments on their websites and in local newspapers.

Otherwise, you may have been illegally detained, questioned and arrested so let us review your facts during our initial free consultation.

Fighting for Your Rights is Now More Important Than Ever

It is imperative that you challenge your DUI charges and stand up for your rights and driving privileges—otherwise you may face dire financial hardship and dire career and other consequences.

We will aggressively pursue a vigorous defense if we find that the police failed to articulate a valid reason or intentionally manufactured a pretextual reason to stop you. 

With a motion and a hearing, we will move to have the evidence suppressed and your case DISMISSED.

In addition, our skilled DUI attorneys will evaluate the rising blood evidence with our renowned, well- respected experts and scientists to work on your behalf. 

Part of our vigorous defense is to thoroughly examine all the breathalyzers’ maintenance logs, and calibrations to make sure that they have not produced a falsely higher BAC in your case.

Further, we will have your blood sample if you chose to give blood, re-tested in a reliable private lab to double check the state’s lab which has been wrong in the past.

We don’t leave one stone unturned. Nor do we ever rest upon our laurels. We want to win for you. 

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Warning: The Refusal to take a Breath, Blood or Urine Test in California

A driver who is lawfully arrested for a DUI in California is required to submit to a breath, blood, or urine test to measure their blood concentration (BAC) under CA’s “implied consent” law.

Unfortunately, many people who are charged with a DUI in CA wrongfully believe that they can avoid being convicted of a DUI merely by refusing to take any of these tests.

Refusal is a crime in and of itself and can increase your exposure, jail time, fines, penalties, and will result in a longer suspension of your license.

Also, if you unlawfully refuse a chemical test, you will be unable to obtain a restricted license for the period of your suspension.

Of course, a suspected DUI driver must be given a choice of which test should be administered and the police cannot unilaterally decide for the individual or refuse to follow proper protocol for administering and supervising the appropriate test. 

The timing is another factor that our skilled DUI attorneys carefully look at and have had blood tests thrown out because of a three-hour collection time. 

Calling an Aggressive DUI Lawyer Today Can Make ALL the Difference

Being arrested, bailed and cited for a DUI is stressful and even more overwhelming in the age of COVID-19.

The sobriety tests, the breath and or blood tests you may have taken will not necessarily lead to an automatic conviction by the district attorney. 

We have a number of viable and effective defenses and mitigating factors in our toolbox which can help challenge the evidence against you.  Don’t assume it is a losing cause until you have spoken to a knowledgeable and highly skilled DUI attorney.  

It does not matter if you have been charged with your First DUI or have multiple DUI offenses or you are facing a felony DUI charge, we will have your back every step of the way from your arrest, through your DMV hearing and to trial if  necessary. 

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