Defense for Santa Rosa Probation Violations

Understanding Probation and Community Control Sanctions

In cases in which a judge finds a defendant to be guilty of a felony crime but chooses to show some leniency, the judge may place the convicted offender on community control sanctions in lieu of jail or prison time, or community control sanctions could be imposed after serving some period of incarceration.

The offender will be able to return home and continue to live with a degree of freedom as long as they comply with all of the terms of their community control sanctions. These terms generally include:

  • Regular reports to a probation officer
  • Remaining within a certain radius of a fixed geographical point
  • Completion of education
  • Finding and keeping steady employment
  • Avoiding any further criminal charges or convictions
  • No use of illegal substances

For misdemeanor offenses, probation could be imposed in lieu of jail time, and frequently is. Any violation of the terms of your probation can mean that an arrest warrant is issued, and you can be picked up any place, any time and taken into custody.

If convicted of violating your community control sanctions or probation, you could be required to serve the remainder of the sentence you originally avoided, with added time for the violation.

Santa Rosa Probation Violation Lawyer

Michael A. Fiumara and his team can help you resolve accusations related to a probation violation or a violation of the terms of your community control sanctions.

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