Related DUI Insurance Issues

The three most important areas of a DUI case are:

  1. The DMV hearing
  2. The criminal court proceedings and hearings
  3. The related insurance issues addressed herein

While we will do everything in our power to minimize the effects of the first two areas mentioned above, insurance issues and questions as such should be directed to professionals in the insurance industry who work within the scope of that system on a daily basis.
As one of our clients, one area that deserves your time and attention is insurance and what can be done to protect your current policy and your current premium.
Please understand that it is your insurance carrier’s responsibility to find out about your driver’s record. You are not obligated to inform your current carrier about your DUI. Every insurance company does this by running an MVR (motor vehicle report); they cost $1 to run and that is the reason why large insurance companies do not run them frequently. Instead, call us first and don’t throw yourself under the bus! You do not need to panic; there are options.
We recommend that prior to contacting your current insurance provider, it is in your best interests to contact the insurance professional that we recommend who specializes in DUI/SR-22 insurance policies in order to understand your options moving forward. 
An SR-22 Proof of Insurance Form will be required by the court if our law firm is unsuccessful at the DMV level so that you can still get a restricted driver’s license. Obviously, our goal is to win the DMV hearing and the criminal court hearings, but it is important to be forward-thinking and prepare for all possible outcomes.
Our law firm prides itself on maintaining relationships with only the very best service providers for our clients, including experts, insurance specialists and the like.
To that end, we strongly recommend that you contact this law firm for a free confidential consultation as soon as possible to discuss how your case may affect your insurance, and what you can do to protect yourself. Because of our business relationship with this professional insurance provider, they have agreed to give you a free phone consultation.

Our Recommended DUI Insurance Provider

Our recommended provider specializes in SR-22s and provides DUI auto insurance protection. If you face a drunk driving charge in the state of California, you are probably worried about going to jail, losing your driver’s license, getting dropped from your insurance policy or having your insurance premium skyrocket.
The Law Offices of Michael A. Fiumara is part of the solution to help you get back on the road and move past this very trying, complicated and confusing time. Along with sound legal advice, our law firm will help you save money by referring you to a professional carrier that will save you money by implementing specially designed insurance programs for drivers in your particular situation and predicament.
Our recommended provider represents many A-rated DUI-forgiving insurance carriers, and they have the flexibility to shop for a policy that meets your circumstances and budget.
The SR-22 form is a certificate, mandated by the state of California, to verify that an individual is maintaining automobile insurance liability coverage. Without an SR-22 on file, the DMV will not issue a restricted license during the probationary period. To maintain a valid license, an SR-22 will be required for three years.
Our recommended insurance provider will help you by doing the following:

  1. File your SR-22, secure your future premium and provide information on how to navigate through the DMV process.
  2. They will work on all quotes and DUI-related matters free of charge. Quotes can be provided in as few as 15 minutes over the phone with this provider.
  3. Insurance premiums will rise dramatically after a DUI. The insurance provider that we recommend has helped thousands of people protect their future premiums and save money.
  4. You will get back on the road sooner by filing your SR-22 with the new insurance provider. This is true, especially since they can file everything directly with the DMV for you in as little as 15 minutes. It is nice to have a friend on your side!
  5. All transactions are discreet and done over the Internet or phone, whatever is your preference.
  6. The recommended insurance provider will also work with many DUI-forgiving carriers to help get you the right coverage and the right premium, at the right price.

Call our law firm for a free consultation and a recommendation to all of our experts and professionals, who we know will help you. You may call us anytime at 707-571-8600 OR 415-492-4507. We are here to serve you.

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