273.8 The Legislature hereby finds that spousal abusers present a clear and present danger to the mental and physical well being of the citizens of the state of the State of California. The Legislature further finds the concept of vertical prosecution, in which a specially trained deputy district attorney, deputy city attorney, or prosecution unit is assigned to a case after arraignment and continuing its completion, is a proven way of demonstrably increasing the likelihood of convicting spousal abusers and ensuring appropriate sentences for those offenders.
In enacting this chapter, the Legislature intends to support increased efforts by district attorneys’ and city attorneys’ offices to prosecute spousal abusers through organizational and operational techniques that have already proven their effectiveness in selected cities and counties in this and other states.
273.82 Spousal abuser protection units receiving funds under this chapter shall concentrate enhanced prosecution efforts and resources upon individuals identified under selection criteria set forth in Section 273.83. Enhanced prosecution efforts and resources shall include, but not limited to, all of the following:

  • (1) Vertical prosecutorial representation, whereby the prosecutor who, or prosecution unit that, makes all major court appearances on that particular case through its conclusion, including bail evaluation, preliminary hearing, significant law and motion litigation, trial, and sentencing.

2) Vertical counselor representation, whereby a trained domestic violence counselor maintains liaison from initial court appearances through the case’s conclusion, including the sentencing phase.

  1. b) The assignment of highly qualified investigators and prosecutors to spousal abuser cases…

273.84 Each district attorney’s or city attorney’s office establishing a spousal abuser prosecution unit and receiving state support under this chapter shall adopt and pursue the following policies for spousal abuser cases:

  1. All reasonable prosecutorial efforts shall be made to resist the pretrial release of a charged defendant meeting spousal abuser selection criteria.
  1. All reasonable prosecutorial efforts shall be made to persuade the court to impose the most severe authorized sentence upon a person convicted after prosecution as a spousal abuser. In the prosecution of an interfamily sexual abuse case, discretion may be exercised as to the type and nature of sentence recommended to the court.
  1. All reasonable prosecutorial efforts shall be made to reduce the time between arrest and disposition of charge against an individual meeting spousal abuser criteria.

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