Something as innocuous as nude sunbathing or public urination may result in a criminal conviction labeling you a sex offender for life. California criminal law provides that any person who willfully and lewdly, exposes his genitalia  in any public place, or in any place where other persons are present to be offended or annoyed; or, procures, counsels, or assists any other person to expose themselves, may be in violation of CA indecent exposure laws.

Indecent exposure is usually a misdemeanor offense but may be charged as a felony in certain circumstances. Although a misdemeanor, an indecent exposure conviction may result in mandatory life time sex offender registration. PC 290 Registration is scheduled to change to a 3 Tier System in 2021.

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North Bay Indecent Exposure Charges

In some cases, indecent exposure may also qualify as sexual assault, if physical contact is made. If a minor is involved, the charges and penalties will likely be greater. Additionally, if an individual were to enter another’s place of living and expose himself, this would result in enhanced penalties.

Breast feeding in public is not considered indecent exposure, and adult entertainment businesses or sexually oriented businesses are also excluded, where the employees are required to be partially or wholly nude.

North Bay Indecent Exposure Defense Attorney

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