5 Time DUI Offender Arrested Again in Sonoma County

Our law Firm has handled hundreds of these very difficult types of DUI cases for almost 25 years in the North Bay with a record of success— Here, in this  unfortunate case, Mr. Silva is facing substantial prison time for what appears to be in his sixth DUI in a number of years.
But jail and prison time hinges on many more factors than just the number of DUI convictions.  The Judge and Jury if it goes this far will weigh factors such as whether there have been any accidents, injuries or fatalities associated with the DUI driving convictions.
In addition, our law firm emphasizes how little if any meaningful rehabilitation, drug or alcohol treatment was provided or available to the defendant.  Many times we learn that the driver’s addictive behavior stems from a previous medical condition stemming from a major traumatic head injury or worse!   In some cases we have represented veterans who have sustained major trauma and as a result used alcohol and drugs to self-medicate.
Finding out why our client is behaving the way they do from their medical records and listening to them and their family members affords us the best chance of getting them  the best sentence with or without probation.
We strive for the best alternative to jail or prison when rehabilitation and relinquishment of a driver’s license would also serve the public good and keep society safe from intoxicated or impaired drivers.
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