Alcohol Monitoring or Home Electronic Confinement: What to do if you have to evacuate

If you are on probation, Home Electronic Confinement (HEC) or required to use wear a Continuous Alcohol Monitoring (CAM) device and either lose power to your home or are required to evacuate please follow these simple advices:
1. Call your probation officer, if you have one assigned to you, and leave a message to update him or her as soon as safely possible. Leave another message anytime there is a change in your situation, such as having to move to a different location.
2. Call your case manager for the HEC or CAM and also the provider and let them know what has happened as soon as you safely can. Leave a message. Call on your home or cell phone so you have a record of the call.
3. If you can, go to one place that is safe and stay there, even if there is no power.
4. Make sure that where ever you stay you have a reliable witness, if possible, to be able to provide proof that you remained in place and did not otherwise violate your probation.
5. If there are any items that you are prohibited from using or possessing at the location where you are evacuating to, such as alcohol, guns, weapons, or drugs, make sure those are removed to a box and placed in a locked room that is not your own or is otherwise made inaccessible to you.
6. Do not do anything that you otherwise would not be able to do if the emergency had not occurred. If a red flag comes up about anything, it is best not to do it. For instance, if you normally would not be able to work during this time, our advice is that you continue to adhere to that requirement. It is best to shelter in place during this time to avoid any hint of impropriety.
7. Sonoma and Napa Counties have been declared a state of emergency so it will not be hard to show you have remained “of good behavior” as required by your probation, but be extra careful rather than sorry.

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