DMV Revocations due To Medical Issues

License Revocation Due To Medical Conditions

Have you lost your license because of a medical condition, or because the DMV thinks you’re too old to drive?

You can fight the DMV’s plan to suspend or revoke your driving privilege.

Usually, a hearing at the DMV is possible and required.

In many of these DMV hearings, Attorney Michael A. Fiumara is able to prove that his clients are medically fit to drive.

Mr. Fiumara helps individuals with a variety of medical conditions, including seizures, heart conditions, diabetes and epilepsy.

Let him help you when the DMV first requires you to provide medical evidence showing that you are still capable of operating a motor vehicle safely.  Don’t attempt this yourself, or you may hurt your case more than you help!

Whatever you do, don’t drive in California without a valid license. It’s a crime.  If you are caught driving when your privilege is suspended or revoked, you face county jail, heavy fines, and the impounding or sale and loss of your vehicle.

The Law Offices of Michael A. Fiumara are located in Santa Rosa and San Rafael; and serve clients throughout much of the North Bay region.

You may face a license suspension for a physical or mental condition that is commonly recognized as dangerous for drivers, such as

-Alzheimer’s disease



Medical condition license suspensions also affect people with health issues that have a less obvious effect on driving ability, such as Cataracts, Macular degeneration and Diabetes.

Contact our law firm today to see how Mr. Fiumara and his skilled legal team can help YOU!

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