Expunging Your Criminal Record Will Improve Your Life

Everyone makes mistakes. For some, those mistakes translate into contact with law enforcement, arrests, criminal charges, and, unfortunately, criminal records.
Aside from having to pay the price of a conviction, including fines and fees, community service, probation, and even jail or prison time, being convicted of a crime can create a number of collateral consequences and potentially place limitations on their personal and professional success that severely impact one’s future.
At Fiumara & Milligan Law, PC– Since 1992 our experienced and compassionate legal team has worked with many clients who had made unfortunate errors of judgement and were forced to face our criminal justice system. While all defendants have concerns about immediate penalties, they are also concerned about the long-term effects of a conviction and a ‘record.’ Fortunately, there may be options for defendants convicted of either a misdemeanor or a felony. Our attorneys know firsthand how these types of convictions can impact our clients’ future. 
An expungement is the legal process of sealing a criminal record. Whether you are eligible to expunge a conviction and how that expungement will work depends on a number of individual facts unique to your case and your situation, including the nature of your charge, the time that has passed since the conviction, whether you successfully completed probation without any violations, and your criminal history, among others. When available and done effectively, expungements can provide several worthwhile future benefits, including:
Sealing your record – When you seek an expungement, your plea will be changed to not guilty and records will indicate that your case has been dismissed. For most background checks, your criminal record will not be shown. However, there may be certain instances where an arrest or charge may be ascertained by a government agency or some types of employers.
Employment – When a conviction has been expunged, you can legally answer “no” when an employer asks if you have ever been convicted of a crime. This can reduce limitations that set you apart from other candidates who do not have a criminal record. Additionally, an expungement can help you pursue or retain certain types of jobs in professions that typically preclude convicted individuals from holding professional licenses or certifications needed for employment.
Finances – A record of conviction can have an adverse effect on a number of financial endeavors, including credit ratings, housing and loan applications, and even student aid and loan eligibility in certain cases. Without a conviction on your record, you won’t be impacted by your past when seeking loans, government housing, student aid or other benefits that you may need.
Closure – Expunging a criminal conviction can provide the sense of closure many people need to move forward with their lives. Aside from the tangible benefits that clear the way for educational opportunities, employment and financial endeavors, you can benefit from the psychological closure of a mistake in your past, and pursue a future uninhibited by fear or shame.
California laws do recognize the ability of convicted individuals to “rehabilitate” themselves and learn from their mistakes, which is why post-conviction remedies such as expungement are available.
By allowing certain misdemeanor and felony charges to be expunged, after successful completion of probation, California Law enables individuals to shirk the shroud of a conviction, pursue more opportunities in life, and navigate their future as productive and contributing members of society.
It is important to remember that expungements do have limitations, and that they are not always the silver bullet. For example, some charges can still constitute a prior offense and be used to enhance penalties should you be charged with a new crime, even after an expungement.
Certain professions, such as public employment, may also still require you to disclose a conviction that was expunged. Driver suspensions, registration on offender lists, and revocation of certain civil rights may also go unaffected after an expungement, depending on the facts involved. Our attorneys can help you better understand how an expungement can work to benefit you given your unique situation.
The Fiumara & Milligan Law Firm is passionate about protecting the rights and the future opportunities of our clients, not only when they are under investigation or facing charges, but also when they need to navigate the criminal justice system to obtain expungements that can help them improve their personal, professional, and financial opportunities given them renewed hope for the future.
Our law firm has over 40 years of combined experience representing clients who have faced all types of criminal charges, and who sought expungements as a means to improve their future. Our passion for making a difference in clients’ lives can help you take the necessary steps to improving yours. WE don’t allow anyone or anything to stand in the way of Justice or your desire to improve your future.
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