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An article in the press democrat yesterday talks about jail sentences for abalone poachers..
CLICK HERE to read more and see below on how we can help you FIGHT charges! 

Fines ranging from $15 to $40,000 are not too uncommon. 
You will need to lawyer-up if you are accused of illegal abalone diving, fishing or acquisition of same.
WE have handled hundreds of cases in Mendocino and Sonoma Counties since 1992
—Don’t risk being locked up and even being deported, you have rights too. 
There is still the presumption of innocence…
Abalone cases are prosecuted vigorously on the Coast, and they should be, but punishment must fit the crime.
Most violators receive a misdemeanor conviction for a first offense, leading to substantial fines and potential jail time. Many visitors to the Coast receive a citation for what they think is a minor violation of the Abalone law, only later to find out how harsh the punishment can be.
DO NOT make the mistake of assuming there is nothing you can do, or it that it is not worth it to fight your case if you are not local and have to make a long trip to appear in court.
In most cases we can appear for you, when appropriate, without you needing to lose valuable time from work or home. Call 707-571-8600 OR 415-492-4507 for help NOW! 
To see our dedicated webpage relating to Abalone Law, CLICK HERE

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