The Cost of Getting Arrested For a Misdemeanor or Felony Offense in the North Bay

A criminal case can cost a lot more than many people realize.
The overall cost of a case can be very high when all of the factors are considered.
If you or a loved one has been arrested or charged with a crime in the North Bay, call us at Fiumara & Milligan Law, PC for a free consultation about the  real cost and other consequences of your criminal case—you may be surprised and want to hire a lawyer sooner rather than later!
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DUI cases have some of the highest fines and other associated costs of any kind of criminal case.
The financial impact of a DUI conviction is intended to be the greatest deterrent against drunk driving.
Someone convicted of a first time DUI can expect to pay over two thousand dollars in fines,  more than five hundred dollars in alcohol class fees,  huge hikes in your car insurance rates , and all the costs associated with a loss of license/employment, towing fees and more.  Your bail and towing fees alone could well exceed a thousand dollars!
A second conviction for DUI will be even more costly, with higher fines, longer and more expensive alcohol classes, and mandatory jail time.
As far as legal fees go, DUI cases are time consuming cases, with complex scientific defenses.  Effective DUI representation may not come cheap, but could ultimately save your driver’s license, keep you out of jail, save your job and any licenses that you may have and more.
Suspended license cases may seem to be insignificant, but those who have dealt with suspended license cases know that they can be incredibly costly.
In addition to paying fines of over a thousand dollars for an infraction or misdemeanor conviction, there are other significant costs including any outstanding fines on old tickets (leading to the suspension), towing and impound lot fees, loss of use of vehicle, jail time and more.
Fiumara & Milligan Law, PC has helped clients save thousands of dollars in suspended license cases even working with the Courts and Collection Agencies to reduce their fees, accept an installment or more realistic payment plan to get your license back sooner.
Having a suspended license, and facing a suspended license case can feel like quicksand.  Our office can help get you back on the road legally, and save you money in the process.
Domestic violence cases have higher fines than many other criminal cases as well as many add-ons and “hidden costs.”
Someone convicted of domestic violence in the North Bay can expect to pay over seven hundred dollars ($7,000) in fines and fees  to the court, as well as having to pay for a 52-week domestic violence class, which typically will cost over a thousand dollars.  Beware that if you don’t finish or complete any part of the 52-week DV or “batterer’s course,” you will be required to repeat the entire course right from the beginning adding to the tremendous cost of a domestic violence conviction.
Additionally, protective and restraining orders may require moving or switching jobs.  Avoiding a conviction in a domestic violence case has many benefits besides the cost.
santa rosa criminal lawyer
Legal fees vary substantially from case to case and lawyer to lawyer.  The location of a case, seriousness of the charges, criminal history of the defendant, strength of evidence, prior success of the attorney and more can greatly affect the cost of representation.
Additionally, cases that proceed to trial will generally have much higher fees due to the time and expense of taking cases to trial.
Fiumara & Milligan Law, PC has well-earned the reputation and has a long tradition of providing excellent legal services to its clients at a fair price throughout the North Bay of California.
Fines are the most obvious cost associated with a criminal conviction.  The fines and court costs and assessed fees for most criminal convictions are a small fraction of the total cost.  Nonetheless, they can be pricey, but you may be able to avoid a conviction in the first place with the right kind of representation.  “The Right Attorney Can Make All the Difference,”—is our motto for good reason.
Bail is not required in every case.  In theory, bail is meant to ensure the defendant’s availability at court.
In practice, judges and prosecutors like to use bail to coerce people into pleading guilty.
If bail is set in your case, you can post a bond,  (bail) or request an O.R. (own recognizance) release, or bail reduction.  A bail reduction motion will typically require a two-day notice, but bail can be lowered, making for a more affordable bond or cash bail.
Before the bail hearing if O.R. is not an option then we push the Court to accept your release from jail provided that you report to a probation officer for periodic checks, drug and alcohol testing (monitoring).   This step is known as “supervised  O.R.” You are not on your own recognizance, but you must report to a probation officer when requested!  This is not for every defendant for obvious reasons.
A criminal case can be very expensive on many different levels.
It is important to identify your most important concern an goal in a criminal case, and fight to preserve your rights, standing in the community, licenses, employment and above all, your family.  We did not discuss how a criminal conviction can affect child custody or support and that must be considered too.
If you cannot afford to lose your license or suffer a criminal conviction, you cannot afford not to have a lawyer represent you in your case.
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