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Criminal Record Expungement basically means getting your criminal record or a conviction erased completely in the eyes of the law.
There are other procedures that have been put in place to reduce Felonies to Misdemeanors and then to set the misdemeanor to the side or expunge them.
Some of the top reasons for applying for Criminal Record Expungement are as follows:

  1. If you apply for insurance and the insurance company finds a conviction on your criminal record, they may charge extremely high insurance premiums or rates of interest. Depending upon the type of crime, they may outright deny you insurance coverage altogether.
  2. Denial of personal and business loans: Having a criminal record will also put obstacles in your way of applying for a loan. Many banks and other financial institutions may hesitate before loaning you money and they will charge you a high interest rate. Students may not receive a loan or even financial aid from their institution of higher learning if they are found with a criminal record.
  3. Denial of Private and Government subsidized housing: Another major problem that can arise is in housing; a lot of private landlords, housing authorities and real estate agencies may refuse to provide you with services or provide you with housing assistance if you have a criminal record. If you are later found to have acquired a criminal record, HUD and Section 8 housing subsidies could be withheld and you may be forced to vacate your leased premises.
  4. Student Dilemma: Having a criminal record can be even more precarious and punitive if you are a student. Your university may expel you from your current program, they may refuse or even rescind your financial aid or grant. They may also make you ineligible for any kind of honors or awards. If you apply to a university, you may not be admitted based solely on your criminal record—And they don’t have to tell you!
  5. Working and employed people may find it difficult to continue with the same job after a conviction. Current employees may be terminated, or even demoted and future employers may refuse to employ you once they find out about your criminal record.
  6. Denial to possess or purchase any kind of firearm: A criminal conviction and especially a felony record will affect your rights to possess or purchase any kind of firearms. Gun ownership and possessing other kinds of armor and ammunition may be restricted or even banned for people with a criminal record.
  7. Restriction to volunteer for certain agencies, institutions and churches and curtailment of your right to vote: A felony conviction will prevent you from participating in your political process by curtailing your ability to run for office and even to vote in any election. That time may extend for as long as your parole lasts or longer.
  8. 8. Restriction on family adoption and or losing custody of natural born children where the non-convicted spouse is favored to get full legal and physical court custody. Although you may not have considered this before, but if you wish to adopt a child then such rights of yours will also be challenged and maybe even be denied if you have a conviction in the past.
  9. State licenses and certificates and other privileges including driving licenses may also be denied to you if you have a criminal conviction on your record. A felony conviction usually has greater consequences than a misdemeanor conviction.
  10. Denial of federally funded assistance or benefits: Most states and many local governments have restricted a person with a criminal conviction from receiving or being eligible for federally funded assistance including food stamps. This applies to federally assisted housing and in some cases tenants who have been arrested are evicted from their low-income housing and or lose all subsides.

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