1. He/she should be willing and able to take your case to trial if the district attorney is unwilling to give you a fair deal. Ask the attorney you are about to hire if they will go to trial for you if they have no other choice?
  1. Ask your DUI attorney how many trials have they done in the last year or two?
  1. Ask the DUI attorney you are about to hire if they have ever worked for the public defender or the prosecution— the other side?
  1. Ask your DUI attorney how many years of experience do they have under their belt?
  1. Don’t get nickel and dimed—Ask your DUI attorney if their “low” price includes a motion to suppress and a subsequent Court hearing?


  1. Our fearless, highly skilled and compassionate attorneys are not afraid to go to trial! That’s because you get the best deals by going to trial. The District attorneys know which attorneys will collapse like a cheap lawn chair.  
  1. This past year alone, we have had three successful acquittals at jury trial.
  1. None of our attorneys have ever worked as a public defender or a prosecutor. Hence, we completely have your back and will always, without a conflict, fully defend your constitutional rights as an accused! 
  1. The well-respected and established law firm, of Fiumara & Milligan, has been achieving great results for all of its clients since 1992—We have over forty years of combined criminal defense experience in the courtroom. Our record speaks for itself!
  1. Our affordable rates include motion work and a suppression hearing if necessary to get you the best results! Our great video testimonials speak for themselves when it comes to client satisfaction. Go with a winner!
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