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The Juvenile Court System & Juvenile Law In Northern California

By December 19, 2017 August 31st, 2020 Criminal Defense, JUVENILE CRIMES

When a juvenile is arrested and charged with a crime in the North Bay, the effects can last a lifetime.
Just being questioned by a police officer is intimidating; imagine being taken into custody as a child or teenager.
When a child, under the age of 18 years is facing serious criminal charges, it can be devastating not only to the child but to the parent as well. One of the most important questions a parent can ask himself or herself is: How do I protect my child?
Teenagers are often not mature enough to stop, think and really consider how serious their actions are and what the consequences might be. This is especially true if they have never been in trouble with the law before and have never experienced the legal consequences.   For this reason, it is extremely important to consult with an experienced attorney, who has experience in not only defending criminal charges, but who is experienced in defending juveniles.
The juvenile court system is quite different from the adult court system in that it main focus is on rehabilitation rather than punishment. This is something that an experienced juvenile defense attorney must keep reminding the prosecution of because they tend to forget this. Keeping the prosecution focused on how to help the juvenile rather than punish the minor is extremely important in getting the best outcome for the juvenile.
An equally skilled and experienced attorney will know how to work effectively with probation who makes the critical recommendation(s) to the Court or in this case, the Juvenile court judge.
Knowing all of the social service providers that can make a Deferred Entry of Judgement disposition possible is another big advantage the minor gets when he or she is represented by an experienced Juvenile law attorney.  Informal probation, restorative justice and other diversion type dispositions are more readily available to those minors who hire highly skilled and experienced counsel from the onset.
Equally as important is having the juvenile’s record completely expunged automatically or otherwise, after probation is successfully completed.  One tool that is extremely helpful with this is Deferred Entry of Judgment. Preventing a guilty verdict or plea should always the goal.
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Fiumara & Milligan Law Can Help Protect Your Childs Future
If your child has been arrested or is being charged with a crime in Sonoma or Marin Counties, or anywhere in the North Bay consider contacting an experienced juvenile criminal defense attorney, who has been advocating and successfully handling juvenile cases since 1992. 
As your child’s advocate, your best recourse it to hire the most experienced and qualified attorney and law firm who will make a real difference in your son or daughter’s future.
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